Past performance is not an indicator of future performance


September marks 15 years since we hit ‘Send’ on the first trades for the Eley Griffiths Group Small Companies Fund. On the 17th September 2003 the Small Ordinaries Index had just completed a solid reporting season, adding 5.1% for the month of August, making it 23.1% for the year as markets roared back to life post the dot-com crash.
Ramsay Health Care @ $3.94, Flight Centre @ $22.67 & Iress @ $2.32 were key buy orders on that first day of trading as we seeded a portfolio with stocks we envisioned would be future leaders of the ASX. Seven Prime Ministers and one Global Financial Crisis later the portfolio continues to be operated as it was at its inception. Indeed, a number of the trades we will complete today are for core portfolio holdings that we believe are the Ramsay Health Care or Flight Centre of 2003.
Sector rotations and macro considerations are always important, however the successful outcomes we have delivered our clients over 15 years is primarily the result of our long-term, bottom up approach to stock picking. After 15 years we know it isn’t just good luck. We have delivered results for our clients in a systematic and sustainable way, which gives us great confidence for the future.

Win $5k and an investment Master Class

To celebrate 15 years of our flagship Eley Griffiths Group Small Companies Fund we’re launching a stock picking competition in partnership with Livewire. Entrants have the chance to win $5,000 worth of units in the Eley Griffiths Small Companies Fund and the opportunity to attend a 1 day Masterclass with the team at Eley Griffiths Group.

The Competition

Competition entries have now closed. The winner will be announced via the Eley Griffiths Group profile page on Livewire early in 2019. Click our ‘follow’ button to stay up to date with the leaders table.


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